Peggy Bonsee, Life Coach, LLC

Making the most of life...

The Professional Side of Peggy

Peggy is a Professional Certified Coach, who brings a varied academic, experiential, and training background to her work. Her extensive training, numerous relocations, and career transitions have provided her with broad perspectives and valuable insights, preparing her to coach a wide range of clients on the process of life transition. With an eagerness to engage in new ideas and perspectives, Peggy enjoys helping people to discover and create a better life, no matter where they find themselves on life's journey.

Coaching Experience:

After coaching students in an academic setting for five years and pursuing extensive coach training, Peggy began her private practice for Life Coaching in 1999. In addition to coaching her private clients around making life changes, Peggy has offered Seminars and Workshops on Coaching, Retirement, Transition, Renewal and AD/HD. She has been an invited speaker at regional, national and international venues. She has served on coaching committees and a professional advisory board representing the coaching profession. In 2006, she was selected as an Affiliate Retirement Coach for a national human resource firm serving Fortune 500 businesses.

Background and Experience Which Informs Peggy's Coaching:

  • Health Educator
  • Teacher
  • Red Cross Laboratory Researcher
  • Independent Writer
  • School Librarian
  • Independent Studies Coordinator
  • Life Coach
  • Workshop Leader

Coach Specific Training:

  • American Coaching Association
  • The Coaches Training Institute
  • Optimal Functioning Institute
  • Retirement Options (Retirement and Life Options)
  • Too Young To Retire Facilitator Program for Coaches
  • ReCareer Inc. ReCareer Coaching Program

Coaching Certification:

  • Professional Certified Coach—International Coach Federation
  • Certified Retirement and Renewal Coach—Retirement Options
  • Certified Life Options Coach—Retirement Options
  • Certified Too Young to Retire Facilitator—Too Young To Retire Associates
  • Certified ReCareer Coach—ReCareer, Inc.
  • Certified Group Coach


  • B.S. Biology & Secondary Education Certified Teacher, School Librarian, and Media Specialist
  • Graduate Studies in Health Education 
  • Continuing Education Courses in areas of Mature Life Development, Aging, Retirement, and Coaching

Professional Membership

  • International Coach Federation

  • American Counseling Association

  • Association for Adult Development and Aging

A word about my standards & ethics…

As a Professional Certified Coach and member of the International Coach Federation, I feel that it is important for clients and potential clients to know my view on my conduct as a professional coach. I believe in and adhere to the standards and ethics put forth by the International Coach Federation, which you can view by linking to their site by clicking this link.

The Personal Side of Peggy

Throughout my life, I have been interested in a variety of fields and have always been excited about learning new things and meeting new people. My desire for intellectual challenge and service to people has been the driving factor in all of my professional pursuits. I believe that all my experiences have created a broad foundation for my current work as a professional life coach.

Because we love the beauty of the countryside, my husband and I have settled in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Virginia Piedmont. Our life together with its joys, adventures, and challenges has called me to be both an independent thinker as well as a strong collaborator. Our grown daughter, who is the inspiration for my career as a coach, lives in South Carolina and serves as a virtual assistant for both my husband's and my businesses. As a family, we love our animals—at present, my husband’s horses, Tico and Turner, our independent-minded barn cat, Lily and our loyal “mouser” and companion cat, Nemo. The family dog slot is currently open.

My diversity of interests has been reflected in my volunteer work as well, which spans the years from junior high to the present. Mental health, literacy, consumer information and resources for senior citizens, school parent boards, reading programs, book fairs, scouting and church programming and leadership are all areas in which I have served in my community.

Some of my favorite moments include reading mysteries by the fire, going for walks in the countryside, attending enlightening and uplifting lectures and concerts, taking trips to scenic, historic places, and gathering with friends to visit and chat. Of course, time spent in Nantucket with the salt air, variety of beaches and colorful flowers refreshes and renews me. And, my spirit is fed when I am in fellowship and study with others, who are seeking to grow in faith and service.

Discovering balance and making the most of life are of ongoing importance to me and to most of my clients.