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A Fresh and Lively Look at the Fruitful Possibilities in the Last Decades of Life

Role models are not just for the young. Professional life coach Peggy Bonsee believes they are as important in later years as when we start out in life. In this book she shares the examples set for her by her gentle mother, her tireless neighbor, and five women she met on the island of Nantucket—all of whom faced old age with creativity and panache. 

You’ll meet:

Claire—the mother of ten and “funniest friend” who continued her practice of service into her 90s as a thrift-shop volunteer.

Jane—the Navy WAVE from North Carolina who spent years “doing meteorology” on the island, took up the violin at age 70, and studied nanotechnology at 91.

Lilma—the capable Midwesterner whose head for numbers, grateful heart, and “make it work” attitude carried her through life’s hard decisions and physical setbacks. 

Estelle—the resilient miner’s daughter who forged a joyful and productive life “in service” to the wealthy and was never afraid to try something new.

Maggie—the “very unconventional” New York artist and poet who mined beauty even from personal tragedy.

These very different women shared a determination to live as fully as possible, even in the final decades of their long and richly experienced lives. Their stories will delight and inspire you and—with the author’s expert guidance—help you explore strategies for thriving in your own latter years. The Nantucket setting lends an irresistible seaside flavor to the narrative, but you don’t have to spend summers on the island to enjoy the women’s stories and benefit from their wisdom. The silver linings are here for anyone to find. 

What people are saying:

"I could not put [this book] down; I was so drawn to the descriptions of the golden ladies and their captivating stories. Although each had a unique experience of aging positively, it was amazing to see the common silver threads that drew them together. This is a book that I can give to my clients to use as inspiration as they plan their retirement lives. And it is a book that I could read over and over again to remind myself of the factors that combine for successful aging. Peggy has done a remarkable job writing both an educational and motivational book that can help all of us move further down our life path with humor, resilience and purpose."   
—Joanne Waldman, M.Ed., PCC, BCC, LPC, NCC, NCGC, 

   Master Career Counselor (New Perspective Coaching) and Director of Training, Retirement Options

"As a gynecologist, I help women negotiate the roller coaster ride of menopause. But they still have a third of their lives to live, which can still be challenging. Even though I encourage proper nutrition, regular exercise and stress reduction techniques to improve their quality of life as they age, there are other ingredients to “positive aging.” . . . This book lays it out so well with examples and discussions about those other factors. . . . I thank Peggy Bonsee for sharing her role models. Not everyone has a mother, grandmother or older friend to show them the way to age positively. The exercises in chapter 8 are also very helpful. They challenge the reader to explore their own way to find the silver linings in their lives."

—Virginia Hackenberg, M.D., FACOG

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